film4When it comes to film promotion, brands are going all in with 360-deals that have touch points throughout the galaxy. Brands still continue to be organically integrated into films when possible, of course, but it is the impact of their off-the-big-screen extensions that remind us they are never far, far away.

“I think the quality and the reach of integrations have increased,” said Meilani Weiss, SVP of Brand Integration for global entertainment marketing agency FRUKT. She noted that automotive brands do this particularly well, and mentioned Audi’s tie-in with “The Avengers,” where autos were integrated into the film and a large promotional campaign. She also applauds Nissan’s decision to jump on to last year’s “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” to highlight the Nissan Rogue.

“It was their biggest brand campaign ever, integrated across all promotional channels, even with a limited-edition ‘Rogue One: Star Wars’ vehicle and an ad that featured a Rogue driving through a simulated Star Wars battle,” Weiss said. “Taking advantage of this synergy that entertainment offers is a smart way for a brand to break through and start conversations.”

FRUKT’s client Cisco played a heroic role in the Oscar-nominated film “The Martian” by helping NASA and JPL communicate. It’s a unique idea for a B2B brand. Offscreen, the technology company leveraged the entertainment promotion for web content, social media and trade shows. “‘The Martian’ base is fictional,” the brand tweeted, “but the solar system’s most powerful network isn’t.”

Weiss also pointed to Frito-Lay’s alliance with “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.” The company created limited-edition Doritos that let fans listen to the film’s entire soundtrack through a cassette tape deck-inspired player built into the bag. The day the movie released, Doritos also hosted Rock Out Loud pop-up recording booths where fans could sing the tunes, which was a great way for Doritos to engage fans and celebrate the film and its beloved soundtrack, Weiss said.

Check out the Engadget video where editors test the Doritos cassette player.

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