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Craig Greiwe Named Chief Strategy, Transformation Officer at Rogers & Cowan/PMK

October 31, 2019
MOVING ON UP.  Read the full Variety article  Rogers & Cowan and PMK*BNC, today announced the elevation of Craig Greiwe to Chief Strategy & Transformation Officer (CSTO), Rogers & Cowan/PMK. In the role, Greiwe will oversee three distinct practice groups for the agency, which include Research & Insights, and Strategy & Transformation. Greiwe will also manage Greenhouse, R&C/PMK’s in-house collaborative incubator of practice groups – including digital, social, creative, and content marketing. The promotion of Greiwe follows Rogers & Cowan/PMK’s continuing evolution over the last several years, from a PR and media relations firm, into a fully integrated marketing and communications agency. “In his three years at Rogers & Cowan, Craig has developed comprehensive and award-winning solutions in digital, content, creative and consumer product, and service marketing,” said Mark Owens, CEO, Rogers & Cowan/PMK. “He has done so with innovative strategies that help our clients to transform their business. As CSTO, Craig will lead our efforts not just to help our clients make the most of their campaigns, but to define the next generation of their businesses.” “I’m excited and honored to help lead this next generation evolution of the Rogers & Cowan/PMK offering,” said Greiwe. “Clients today are demanding holistic, cohesive business strategies that start with defining their future, and continue with a seamless team that knows how to execute across every vertical. This isn’t about marketing, PR, content, or operations as standalone practices, it is about all of those efforts working together. The days of siloed consultancies and niche agencies are limited, and Rogers & Cowan/PMK is leading that revolution with our clients and expanded capabilities.” As CSTO, Rogers & Cowan/PMK, Greiwe will be responsible for overarching strategy for some of the agency’s latest and largest brand clients. Greiwe will lead a team that not only develops disruptive business-focused solutions, but also implements and executes those plans in marketing, PR, experiential events, partnerships, and more. Greiwe’s senior staff will include Michael Fein, Senior Vice President of Strategic Insights and Analytics, Courtney Allen, Vice President of Strategy and Transformation, and Tara Schroetter, Sr. Director, Greenhouse. Recent examples of work by Greiwe and his team include Verizon’s groundbreaking immersive projection mapping of the United Nations during the Climate Action Summit and General Assembly opening, facilitating Kobe Bryant‘s transformation from superstar athlete to Oscar-winning content creator and story teller for Dear Basketball, and Verizon Media’s increasing focus on the intersection of empathetic content and storytelling with technology, such as the short film Earth and the documentary 5B. The preeminent integrated marketing and communications agency in global entertainment, Rogers & Cowan/PMK’s client roster features more than 500 of the most prominent and influential actors, musicians, producers, directors, content creators and athletes in the world, as well as over 30 major brands. As the industry leader in brand PR and Marketing, the agency has a full end-to-end marketing and business consultancy operation, including distinct practice groups in brand development, business strategy, research and analytics, creative, content, awards, digital, social, experiential and activation, partnership and integration, fashion, influencer, and paid media.

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