Natasha Dublin-Collatos

August 2, 2022
WHY IS VOLUNTEER WORK IMPORTANT IN YOUR LIFE?? We need to leave the world better than we found it – and volunteering is a way to give back no matter what your finances are. Find something you are passionate about and volunteering is even more rewarding than a paid job (well maybe don’t tell HR that ;)) IS THERE A TIME THAT MADE AN IMPACT IN YOUR LIFE WHILE VOLUNTEERING?  Every week I get a chance to meet someone new – it could be someone recently laid off, newly homeless, coming out of many years of prison.. pretty much all walks of life, but all part of our community. People who just need a hand up in gaining employment. 

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UpstreamPOP to Harness Mediabrands’ Unparalleled Audience and Consumer Intelligence with R&CPMK’s Unrivaled Relationships Across the Entertainment Industry Groundbreaking Platform to Create Best-In-Class Connections Between Brands, Content Creators, and Media Platforms LOS ANGELES – June 30, 2022 – Rogers & Cowan PMK (R&CPMK) and Mediabrands announced today the launch of “UpstreamPOP”, a groundbreaking technology platform providing end-to-end solutions for agency clients looking for brand integration opportunities and partnerships with content creators and media platforms across the entertainment ecosystem. UpstreamPOP will utilize Mediabrands’ industry-leading audience intelligence, paired with R&CPMK’s unmatched expertise and relationships with studios, networks, producers, directors, and showrunners throughout
FEATURED IN ADWEEK, STEPHEN MACIAS, PRESIDENT OF MULTICULTURAL MARKETING AND COMMUNICATIONS AT R&CPMK, SHARES HIS INSIGHT ON HOW BRANDS CAN RISE ABOVE CULTURAL WARS AND BE REWARED FOR SHARING CONSUMER VALUES. “Mean tweets. Toxic comments. Public relations trainwrecks. Unhappy customers. Lost revenue. Divided communities. These are just some of the things that come to mind regarding the raging culture wars. Culture wars are bad for business, and companies know it. But more importantly, culture wars are bad for our communities and serve as an unnecessary burden in an already burdensome 2022. With politics, culture and commerce so intractably linked,