Natasha Dublin-Collatos

August 2, 2022
WHY IS VOLUNTEER WORK IMPORTANT IN YOUR LIFE?? We need to leave the world better than we found it – and volunteering is a way to give back no matter what your finances are. Find something you are passionate about and volunteering is even more rewarding than a paid job (well maybe don’t tell HR that ;)) IS THERE A TIME THAT MADE AN IMPACT IN YOUR LIFE WHILE VOLUNTEERING?  Every week I get a chance to meet someone new – it could be someone recently laid off, newly homeless, coming out of many years of prison.. pretty much all walks of life, but all part of our community. People who just need a hand up in gaining employment. 

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R&CPMK To Lead Communications for Brink’s 2022 Midterm Election Efforts and Accessibility-Focused Voting App LOS ANGELES – November 7, 2022 – R&CPMK today announced that it has been selected by Brink, the leading election guide and voter accessibility tool, to guide communications efforts for the brand surrounding the 2022 U.S. midterm and future election efforts, and accessibility–focused voting app. A non-partisan non-profit seeking to make the democratic process more accessible to people with disabilities, Brink uses innovative technology and design to significantly increase voter turnout by empowering voters with disabilities to participate in local and national elections without difficulty.
R&CPMK to Manage Entertainment Communications and Drive Brand Publicity for Matchroom Across U.S. and North America NEW YORK / ESSEX – November 2, 2022 – R&CPMK today announced that it has been selected by Matchroom Boxing to drive entertainment communications and amplify brand visibility for the leading boxing promoter, as well as support overarching publicity in the United States for Matchroom Boxing’s major events and fighters. Matchroom Boxing, a subsidiary of Matchroom Sport – one of the largest and most successful sports rights owners and promoters in the boxing business – represents a collection of the biggest names in