Meet the Walkers: Imagine Pokemon Go, but with zombies. Now imagine the best places to find fans of augmented reality, the undead and TV’s highest-rated thriller.

The Walking Dead: Our World is the official mobile game of AMC’s The Walking Dead. It is a first-of-a-kind location based augmented reality game that immerses you into the zombie apocalypse. The Walking Dead: Our World allows you to defend your surroundings by fighting walkers on the streets, in the park, on your sofa – wherever you are and whenever you feel like it.

For the launch of AR mobile game, “The Walking Dead: Our World,” we targeted marquee events like San Diego Comic-Con, enlisting stars Jeffery Dean Morgan and Norman Reedus from “The Walking Dead”, AMC’s massively successful dystopian drama, for live-stream demos.

Our Approach

Shambling Into the Spotlight

We leveraged the popularity of AMC’s #1 show and the power of its devoted fan base to drive mainstream coverage and offered both fans and press early access to the game. Face-to-face press engagement with individual demos and one-on-one interviews with AMC Games spokespeople helped to secure targeted pre- and post-debut coverage in top gaming, tech and entertainment publications.

Additionally, we were able to capitalize on the star power of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” talent in continued support of the game. Our campaign resulted in more than 17 million views of the Comic-Con livestream, 474.5 million media impressions and 78 unique stand-alone stories about “The Walking Dead: Our World.”


We capitalized on the star power of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” talent in continued support of the game.


Million Views


Million Impressions