Rogers & Cowan Digital was tasked with the huge social media undertaking of launching DreamWorks Animation’s first brand campaign in over 20 years.

DreamWorks Animation was turning 25, but the studio had never run any kind of branding campaign. It had always preferred to direct audiences’ attention to its individual properties—movies that include “Shrek,” “Kung Fu Panda” and “Home.” But in 2017, that strategy shifted, starting with a social brand campaign.

Though DreamWorks Animation’s content is targeted towards children, we decided to curate our campaign specifically towards parents, since they ultimately decide what content their children see.

Our Approach

The #LiveLifeAnimated campaign captured the heart of what DreamWorks Animation is all about.

We wanted parents to feel confident that they are providing their children with quality, appropriate content. This desire was at the core of the #LiveLifeAnimated campaign, which sought to emphasize the quality, uniqueness, and family-friendliness of the DreamWorks Animation oeuvre.

We focused on creating content for Facebook and Instagram on which the #LiveLifeAnimated campaign would live. This content revolved around the three major themes for the audience: characters parents can believe in, positive messages shared through plotlines, and the fact that DreamWorks Animation programming is programming that the whole family can enjoy. Previously, there were no set standards for DreamWorks Animation social property, so the campaign required setting brand guidelines for posting to solidify the brand identity and improve the overall look and feel of the account. This content included original videos and interviews with a wide array of animators, utilizing the scale and unprecedented legacy of the DreamWorks IP to create a cohesive overall brand that looked and felt distinctly “DreamWorks”.


Engagement on campaign posts was 600% higher than the channels’ average engagement.


Media Impressions