Billions is packed with characters who possess adventurous spirits, and that’s just the type of TV our client Heineken wanted to connect with. So, we made some calls…

TV shows generally do what they say in their titles. “The Office” is about a workplace. The Walking Dead has zombies galore. “Game of Thrones” is a fantastical story of conflicts among dynasties vying to rule a kingdom (plus dragons and nudity.) “Billions” is all about money, power, greed, justice, and revenge.

Our longstanding relationship with Showtime allowed us to solidify a category exclusive, multi-season, paid-integration deal for the iconic green bottle with “Billions’” protagonist Bobby Axelrod (Damien Lewis) and other characters.

Our Approach

Quality original programming alighted with Heineken and its brand messaging

Rogers & Cowan has unparalleled access and relationships with original content producers from major streaming networks to the studios. We create some of entertainment’s most iconic brand integrations across streaming, TV, film, and influencer programming. Consumers are overwhelmed with hundreds of marketing messages daily. As content consumption increases, consumers actively avoid advertising in any way they can. Brand integration is a powerful, commercial skipping medium that provides relevance for brands by integrating them into pop culture. Rogers & Cowan has provided superior brand integration services for decades and has a proprietary tracking and measurement system that helps brands understand the ROI of each integration.

Our work with Heineken goes beyond integrating product into Showtime’s Billions and extends to dozens of other entertainment properties. Our team has been instrumental in selecting high quality original programming that is aligned with Heineken and its brand messaging. Product placement can be a very powerful medium. Selecting the right properties for the right brands is key.


Secured Billions and a media value
of more than $1.4 million.


Media Impressions


Media Value