Some influencers and brand alliances seem like round pegs in square holes. In partnership with Octagon, First Call, a Rogers & Cowan agency, sought out just the opposite – a perfect fit – for client KIND Snacks to launch three new product lines.

For the debut of the three new product lines, KIND Snacks wanted to link with social influencers to boost the brand’s engagements among consumers. Identifying the right influencers involved a combination of objective metrics, like CPM, audience demographics, real versus fake followers, and proven authenticity through subjective qualities.

First Call needed to seek out the type of influencers who would drive the brand the most organic engagements and seamlessly fuse KIND Snack’s creative and messaging guidelines with their own personal style.

Our Approach

The agency whittled a candidate list of 500-plus influencers down to 50

Influencer and celebrity strategy begins with why, how, and when, then who. With our client KIND Snack’s, we started by defining program objectives, understanding individual product attributes and determining program strategy. We also leveraged competitive and performances analyses per each individual talent to ensure each candidate was a fit. Next up, talent discovery where we aligned on the individual value of each influencer in relation to our overall budget and measurement goals. Once aligned on talent we used our negotiation expertise to finalize agreements and manage programs through execution. Lastly, as part of our service we also deliver a report highlighting campaign performance and key learnings.

In the case of KIND Snack’s, we struck pay dirt: 1 million-plus total engagements for KIND Snack’s Protein and Chocolate Pressed by KIND Snack’s, and 2.6 million-plus total potential impressions for 396% ROI.


With 396% ROI, we struck pay dirt for KIND Snack’s


Total engagements for Kind Protein and Chocolate Pressed by KIND Snack’s


Total Potential Impressions