Fashion retailer, MANGO, was looking to move the needle toward enhanced customer perception. The global brand required a moment of disruption that could redefine it as the “It” brand at the crossroads of fashion and pop culture.

The MANGO brand is synonymous with famous faces in 109 countries and counting. In the world of fast fashion, where trends can change overnight, implementing a focused digital layer of activity, such as selecting key influencers, can be just as beneficial as a new advertising campaign.

Rogers & Cowan’s ITB team determined a need to align MANGO with both Talent and Influencers who would portray authenticity in fashion choices and individual styling.


Our Approach

The Power of Influence

Along with the global talent, we cast social media-savvy influencers who exemplified “MANGO girl” attributes (femininity, modernity and positivity) to showcase the clothing organically. Creating a moment of disruption in 2016, ITB engaged global ambassadors Kendall Jenner, Karlie Kloss and Liu Wen to become the new faces of the brand, whilst introducing a new layer of ‘community’ through carefully curated Influencer activations – #MANGOGirls was born.

Six seasons on, ITB have engaged over 50+ International fashion personalities and Influencers who encapsulate the attributes of a #MANGOGirl, maintaining consistent growth and visibility of the hashtag whilst obtaining international exposure for their collections in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Cosmopolitan and other major fashion publications – in turn, cultivating an increase in consumer base, over 7million combined social interactions, a 35% increase in MANGO’s followers and an average engagement rate per post of 2.65%


ITB #MangoGirls digital influencer campaign helps Mango make fast fashion faster.


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