NEWSUBSTANCE studio designed a brave, new, and innovative large scale installation exclusively for one of the world’s most iconic music & arts festival – Coachella

NEWSUBSTANCE made its debut at the 2018 Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival with Spectra – a stunning, seven floor pavilion with an observation deck at its peak. With Coachella being one of the biggest events in the world with over 250,000 attendees from all over the planet across two weekends, we were challenged to bring ‘Spectra’ to the forefront through a strategic digital approach.

We tapped into influencers, digital content, live social media posting, and engagement to encourage festival attendees to visit ‘Spectra’

Our Approach

#SpectraCoachella Draws in The Crowd

NEWSUBTANCE wanted Spectra to act as a beacon of light that drew people in from day to night, purposely propelling people into a Technicolor haven. To attract attendees, we used influencers to push out messaging using #SpectraCoachella for no fee to drive awareness.We implemented live engagement with influencers on social media who posted to invite viewers to see Spectra and we encouraged influencers to use the hashtag. For influencers who already posted with Spectra but didn’t utilize any tags, we reached out directly to boost traffic to the installation. During both weekends of Coachella, we secured over 1,000 organic influencer posts and 500 original pieces of content used for press coverage.


We launched NEWSUBSTANCE’s first-ever Coachella installation.


Organic posts


Pieces of original content