Fashion brand, Orla Kiely, saw an opportunity to become a household name by expanding into home categories through licensing.

Orla Kiely appointed ITB as the Licensing Agent of this expanded program with a key directive to identify best in-category brand partners to better manage the Orla Kiely brand aesthetic.

ITB identified homewares and home textiles as key product categories that could easily and organically support the Orla Kiely brand aesthetic.

Our Approach

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Founded in 1995, Orla Kiely is currently sold in 50 countries. Her signature print, the “multi-stem,” became her trademark in 2001. It expresses her love of pattern, color, texture, and rhythm. In 2004, Kiely started her homeware range through “Working For Heals,” a collection including furniture, soft furnishings, and tableware. ITB utilized exclusive retail partners to drive new products to consumers familiar with Orla Kiely, which enabled brand integration into a wider retail environment. The agency identified and secured collaborations with best in-category brand partners that reached audiences the brand had not previously been able to engage with. It now extends to a range of fashion and homeware categories, including watches, jewelry, eyewear, bedding, ceramics, and garden. Today, Orla Kiely Home is one of the most successful home brands sold by retailers John Lewis and Next.


Orla Kiely’s exhibition at the Fashion & Textile Museum in London was the museum’s fastest selling exhibition of all time in advance sales.


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