The Body Shop aims to enlist 8 million people to sign an online petition to end the testing of beauty products on animals before taking its ground-breaking global initiative to the highest authority: the UN.

The Body Shop was a pioneer of social change. But over the years, younger players, like Lush, emerged as alt-voices of authority in the realm of high-street beauty brands with a conscience. Body Shop wanted to reclaim its role as leader in ethical beauty, so it launched a global campaign with non-profit Cruelty Free International to ban animal testing in all cosmetic products and ingredients by 2020. ITB’s idea? Engage talent and influencers to amplify the brand’s “Forever Against Animal Testing” anthem.

Talent and macro and micro influencers were selected based on social, environmental, and ethical values The Body Shop shares; thereby, ensuring the alliances were authentic and capable of assisting us in our goal of catalyzing a global social movement.

Our Approach

The Body Shop Up To Its Ears In Signatures

As part of the strategy, ITB created identifiable social content – “bunny ears” – a clear call to action that was unique, applicable to all ages and communities. The pose was designed to drive participation among audiences on social media, encourage UGC, and create a community of eager participants to drive petition-page traffic. Talent and influencers, including Adrien Grenier, Natalie Emmanuel, Sadie Sink, Kelly Osborne, Maisie Williams, Ariel Winter, Dalal, and Megababy shared images of themselves in a “bunny ears” pose on social media sites and wore T-shirts emblazoned with “Forever Against Animal Testing” message. This content was fun, unique, easy to replicate, appropriate for all ages, and drove traffic to the petition page.

The results were phenomenal. The campaign recently reached its goal and brought a record-breaking 8.3 million signatures to the UN in New York. Thus, creating a global framework to end animal testing, while advancing the United Nations’s sustainable development agenda. The hashtag #ForeverAgainstAnimalTesting has graced thousands of posts. Furthermore, The Body Shop has acquired more than 590,000 new Instagram followers, and the talent has received more than 2.59 million likes and 18,000 comments for their posts.


The results were phenomenal! The campaign recently reached its goal.


Million Signatures


New Instagram Followers