Which Influencers Should Brands Focus on in 2021? Those Who Combat Misinformation

February 16, 2021
Emma Shuldham, Managing Director of ITB Worldwide, shares her views on which influencers brands should focus on in 2021 and how they can play a role in combating misinformation. “An increasing movement towards conscious and inconspicuous consumerism means people are buying less and investing with more consideration. Flashy, excessive displays of wealth and gleeful unboxing videos just aren’t resonating with a population that is locked down. Engagement is a key indicator of consideration and can increasingly impact conversion but to show true resonance between talent and their audience, brands need to invest time listening to audience conversations and analysing user behaviour to create better informed strategies and relevant creative content that resonates and feels truly authentic.” READ THE FULL CAMPAIGN ARTICLE HERE

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FEATURED IN ADWEEK, STEPHEN MACIAS, PRESIDENT OF MULTICULTURAL MARKETING AND COMMUNICATIONS AT R&CPMK, SHARES HIS INSIGHT ON HOW BRANDS CAN RISE ABOVE CULTURAL WARS AND BE REWARED FOR SHARING CONSUMER VALUES. “Mean tweets. Toxic comments. Public relations trainwrecks. Unhappy customers. Lost revenue. Divided communities. These are just some of the things that come to mind regarding the raging culture wars. Culture wars are bad for business, and companies know it. But more importantly, culture wars are bad for our communities and serve as an unnecessary burden in an already burdensome 2022. With politics, culture and commerce so intractably linked,
Featured in the latest Adweek article, Meilani Weiss, EVP of Brand Integration at R&CPMK shares her insight on how brands can best reach their audiences on streaming platforms and the complex landscape of brand integration. “Netflix boasts approximately 214 million worldwide users. Most of them are under 45. They have higher household income than an average consumer. And you can’t reach any of them with an ad buy. Last year, streaming eclipsed broadcast and cable TV in total viewership. This is according to Nielsen’s Gauge report, which found that 26% of all TV viewing is now streaming. The trend